Foam Cut To Size

Buy foam cut to size.

We supply foam for cushions, mattresses, mattress overlays, window seats, We have a large selection of foam to suit your needs.

Salmon Reflex – the ultimate foam for comfort and durability. It’s make-up allows for instant recovery after use and has consistent shape retention over many years. Used for armchair/settee cushions and mattresses.

Medium –  medium density quality seating grade which is suitable for many uses including domestic seating cushions of 5″ (12.7cm).Used for fibre filled cushions.

High –  high density quality seating grade which is suitable for many uses including quality sofa and upholstery seat cushions, boats, caravans, dining chairs and firm mattresses..

Reconstituted  – extremely firm grade of foam. wheelchair seats, bar seating/bar stools The firmest grade of Foam which we supply.

Acoustic – used for soundproofing our Acoustic Foam is designed to control the acoustics and reverberation characteristics of recording studios. It has been proving to greatly assist in reducing reverberation, reflections and flutter echoes. It is available in sheets of 235cm x 200cm (4.5cm depth) or it can be cut to the size you require. We recommend you use our Spray Adhesive to apply the foam.

Memory Foam – commonly known as a luxury foam, it will soften on contact and mould to the shape of a body within minutes.

Because of its luxurious characteristics it is often used for mattresses.

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